Atlantis FYI

Sources, Analysis, and Hot Takes concerning Plato's Lost Island of Atlantis.

Atlantis FYI is a decoupled blog. The front-end is running on a React app and the backend is running on Wordpress. I looked at some of the headless CMS options available when I created the blog (spring 2020) and none of them had the extensibility of Wordpress via the vast amount of plug-ins available. At the same time I never really liked working in PHP and have been using React for most of my front-end stuff.

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Minnesota's Most Beloved Legislative District Metric™, hPVI (hybrid Partisan Voting Index), is now available programmatically via the hPVI API.

The Twitter Triple Crown Ratio

#TheRatio is the talk of the twitterverse and this tool allows you to find Major League Baseball players with simliar triple crown stats to the latest terrible tweet.